Russian-speaking Call-center in Bodrum

Russian-speaking Call-center in Bodrum

This service is aimed at Turkish companies who do not have Russian-speaking staff, as well as at Russian-speaking Turkish residents and tourists who do not speak Turkish or other European languages.

Our bilingual call-center operators will provide qualified assistance in Russian or Turkish by telephone, or if necessary, will schedule an appointment in our office.

Benefits for the Turkish companies targeting Russian-speaking community using our services are the following:

  • Our partner companies, using call-center service will be marked with a special sign on our website and will be placed on top of the list, thus having additional opportunity to promote their services.
  • Our partner companies will have the opportunity to attract additional clients, saving money and time searching for interpreters.
  • Our partners will not need to hire extra Russian-speaking staff.

Individual clients and tourists will have less worries with everyday problems during their stay.

BODRUM.COM.RU call-center offers 3 packages:

  • 1. «Connection»
  • 2. «Meeting»
  • 3. «Visit»

Please see detailed information and prices below:

Call-center BODRUM.COM.RU «Connection» «Meeting» «Visit»
Advertising the company as the PARTNER of BODRUM.COM.RU (special icon) YES YES YES
Adding a Call-center telephone number icon to the Company listed at BODRUM.COM.RU portal YES YES YES
Incoming calls processing and arranging appointments for the Company with the Client at convinient place for both sides * YES YES YES
Arrangment of business meeting of the Company and the Client as well as translation services at BODRUM.COM.RU office at conviniten time for both sides   YES YES
Arrangement of business meeting and translation servies for the Company and the Client at any place of Bodrum peninsula at convinient time for both sides **     YES

* - the Company organizes translation services on its own.

** - the Company provides transfer of enterpreteur provided by BODRUM.COM.RU from the office to the meeting poing and back.

Call-center BODRUM.COM.RU «Connection» «Meeting» «Visit»
1 month* 50 TL 80 TL 150 TL
Package "Season" (May - October) 300 TL 450 TL 900 TL
Package "Winter" (November - April) 150 TL 200 TL 400 TL
Package "ALL YEAR" 400 TL 600 TL 1200 TL

* - the minimum term of the contract is 3 month.

You can download the detailed price-list here